Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a quote?

Send us and email via the contact us page with your contact details and we will open you your own Your Books page for quoting and ordering your books.

Once you have received your log in and password from us via email click on PRINT LOG IN at the top of the home page and click the Request a Quote tab. You will see the Request a Quote icon, click on icon and fill in the information fields as you scroll down.



How do I find my quote online?

Log on and click the Request a Quote tab. Here you will see links for Pending Quotes, Available Quotes. Pending Quotes will take you to quotes in progress and not completed. Available Quotes will take you to all the quotes we have completed for you. You can use the search filter to find a specific quote.


What do I do if my quote needs updating?

Please click the Request a Quote tab and create a new quote request with your new specifications. If you need a small change to an existing quote, such as page count update, click the Update My Quote tab on the Home page.

If I want to add more quantities to my existing online books how do I do this?

Please email and give us your book title and ISBN number and the quantities you need adding, we ill email you when this is done.

Do I need to get a new quote each time I order my books?

If your page count changes or you want a price for a different quantities, yes you will need to click the Update My Quote tab and fill in the form.

If your book copy or specification requirements  have not changed since the last time you ordered it, no your do not need to get a new quote. You can go online and place a new repeat order.

If you have updated files that need to go online, but the page count is not changing then the price will be the same as the last quote. You will need to update your files online choosing a product in the Update my Book section of the ordering site.

Please check your online book and the pricing online will be accurate at time of ordering. From time to time we will increase pricing to keep in line with material and manufacturing costs increases.


I need Help!

What is the fastest way to get in contact with my Your Books consultant?
What do I do if my books do not arrive within 2 days of dispatch?

Make sure you have checked that you have not missed a card that the courier may have left if you were not there to collect the order. Then check online to ensure the delivery address and instructions you gave us are correct. To do this, log on to your ordering site. Click the Order History tab. Click on the sales order, then click View Order Details or View Delivery. If all of the delivery details are correct, please email us at with your sales order number and we will track the order for you.

What do I do if I have a quality issue?

Please email us at and explain your issue. It is very helpful if you attach a photo for us to view. We may request a sample send to us. We endeavor to resolve all issues within a few days.

Printing Your Books

How long will it take to print my book?

After you have placed the order for your book online, our standard delivery time is 6 business days. If we are delivering to a rural address, please allow 8 business days. Please note that if no one will be on site to receive your books, you must put a note in the online delivery instructions of where the books can be left. This location must be undercover or the courier will not leave them.


How do I know what paper stock to choose?

Your book consultant can help you with this please email them at Or here is a brief example of the stocks and the common uses:

  • Cream Book Paper – Novels
  • 100gsm, 80gsm white offset – Nonfiction with illustrations, or technical books.
  • 115gsm matt coated – Nonfiction with illustrations, history books etc. Typically a book with a lot of images and photos.

Bar Codes

Do I need A Bar Code?

Booksellers will require your book to have  a barcode.

Apply for your bar code here >> National Library of NZ web site >>

Once you have your 13 digit number you can order your bar code from the Your Books online store, we can place your barcode on your cover or you can order just the barcode in the size your require.

Where do I get a Bar Code from?