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Expertise meets innovation: Find out what sets YourBooks printing solutions apart from the rest

YourBooks started in 2000 under the name Astra Print, which, at the time, was working as a legal publisher. So naturally, books in their various other forms were a fantastic addition to the work we already did.

Astra Print’s target market was professional publishing companies, so with the knowledge, technology, and passion within its framework, the company quickly became a leading expert in high quality print and book binding.

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In 2010, we could see that the changes in the world of books would have an impact on our publishers and authors, so we decided to investigate the ‘business of books’. Among many findings, one of the biggest issues we found was that self-publishing is incredibly difficult. So much so, that most manuscripts never progressed to a physical book. The enormous process of setting up a book, from finding an editor to having the book formatted, was often too daunting and a very real barrier for most self-publishers. It takes a lot of time and dedication to finish writing a manuscript, so to then be faced with navigating the intricacies of the publishing world was, understandably, something that could be quite disheartening and something we wanted to fix. So we did.

We started afresh and came up with an innovative way to manage both our book production and customer interaction. We knew that the future of printing and self-publishing was to offer great quality, smaller print-runs with a faster turnaround at a really affordable price.
Today, our solutions provide self-publishers with an experienced and passionate team who are eager lend their expertise to all types of book projects.
Whether you’re a seasoned author or publisher, or just beginning your literary journey, YourBooks is here to help.

We love your books and take personal pride in every project we work on. We are proud that our New Zealand owned and operated business can be part of the story-telling fabric of New Zealand history.








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As New Zealand’s self-publishing experts, YourBooks has an exciting story to share.

Lawrence Evans

Managing Director

Lawrence is the YourBooks owner.  This Kiwi owned company has been printing books for more than 85 years. Lawrence is also the owner of Printing.com and Nettl.


Symon Yendoll

Chief Operations Officer

Symon has been in the print industry for 32 years and together with all his knowledge has designed the systems that let YourBooks print at great prices efficiently and faster than ever.


Christine Anne Borra

YourBooks Consultant

With over 30 years in the print market and 10 years printing books, Christine is your go to YourBooks self-publishing consultant. Ask Christine anything, she is here to help you get your book into print.

Amanda Sutcliffe

Creative Director & Design Lead

Amanda loves everything about books. With over 20 years’ experience in the design and print industry, Amanda enjoys working closely with authors to produce bookstore quality book designs that makes an author proud!

Gabriella Kahu

Production Consultant

Gaby is our Production Consultant at YourBooks and a graduate of Whitireia’s Diploma in Publishing. She comes to us with great enthusiasm for the publishing process, and is ready to help bring your book to life.


Environmental Policy:

As a significant consumable in the print supply chain, paper is a prime focus of our environmental policy.


    • We are proud to be an FSC-certified business. FSC certification ensures responsible forest management, promotes social responsibility, and supports sustainable forest communities.
    • YourBooks recommended paper stocks are sourced from mills certified ISO 14001 in environmental management.
    • The mill supplying uncoated paper is self-sufficient in water and power, with waste CO2 used in the paper whitening process.
    • The pulp comes from farmed trees interspersed with other crops to maintain local biodiversity.
    • Our coated paper is produced without elemental chlorine, so it has virtually no toxic emissions.
    • The pulp comes from certified and audited WMF (Well Managed Forests) plantations. These forests absorb carbon monoxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere, helping the environment.

    YourBooks will continue to promote environmentally sustainable paper choices.

    Amotai Registered