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From chaos to clarity: decoding your adult ADHD journey with confidence
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Author: Rosie Gee
Age Range: Adult
ISBN: 9781738615803
Release date: 28 March 2024

Clusterf#ck. From chaos to clarity: decoding your adult ADHD journey with confidence

In this groundbreaking book, you'll embark on a transformative adventure that explores the unique challenges faced by women with ADHD throughout their lives. This comprehensive guide offers invaluable insight, practical strategies, and empowering advice to help you navigate the complexities of ADHD and start unlocking your potential.

Clusterf#ck is your go-to resource for claiming control over your life and embracing your unique strengths. its time to break free from the constant overwhelm and say hello to your true self, leading a life filled with purpose, connection and self-compassion.

This book puts focus on an area of ADHD that is widely under-represented in the media. Women.

And particularly women over 40 who are diagnosed later in life. Women who have wondered their whole life "What is wrong with me" and had no answers. It is well written by someone living this truth every day and written in a way that makes sense for neurodivergent thinkers, where sometimes thinking is not a straight-line process. I thoroughly recommend for any person living with ADHD, or living with someone with ADHD.

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