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Your Journey Your Power

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Author: Zee Dol
Age Range: Adult
ISBN: 9780473688202
Release date: 13 November 2023

A journey of self-discovery, exploration and evolvement, wrapped in a divine source of love.

This is a book of intention and interaction. As you meander into the folds of these pages you are opening up a discovery of thy self. An opportunity for reflection and consideration, of birthing new foundations and practices that call you back to centre. Guiding you on a life path of greater connection to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual form.

For a reader who feels called to change their mindset to invite a greater sense of peace and empowerment into their world ~ through your engagement with this book, there is an opportunity to open up, enhance and expand the gift of living a life through your heart's consciousness.

~ Silence ~

Where greatness unfolds,

Truth is laid bare.


Underestimated power.

Seize it.

Own it.

No one holds presence in your silence but you.

In the silence, revelations unfold.


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