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The Stars Burn Bright

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Author: Lynda Tomalin
Age Range: 12-18 years
ISBN: 9781991180513
Release date: 1 February 2023

A sweet, swoony, YA romance about discovering and celebrating your worth.

Seventeen-year-old Essie is looking forward to her summer holidays.

It means weeks of dedicating herself to her sewing business while her parents are busy working. Sure, her jerk of a brother is home from university, but he’s mostly working too, so it’s easy to stay out of his way. She can be herself – whoever she wants to be, without expectation or judgement or always being told she’s over-dramatic.

It’s going to be amazing.

Until Jackson Sherwood, her brother’s childhood friend, comes to stay.

Jax. Essie has no time for the smug jerk who’s always smirking at her, like he’s so much better than her.

Jax’s arrival threatens to ruin her plans for a peaceful summer, but as their situation forces them to spend time together, Essie starts to see a hidden side of the unwanted guest, and starts to learn about herself: who she is, where she fits in the world … and what she’s willing to stand up for.

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