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Author: Geoff Lawson
Age Range: Adult
ISBN: 9798678064998
Release date: 13 July 2014

Forgiven is a plot led life drama, a wonderful historical novel that weaves two stories seamlessly together. With unforgettable characters, Forgiven is a snapshot of the late Victorian age, complete with subtle twists and turns Forgiven will appall and enthral. It will keep you reading to the very last page.

Rachel was a young and charming socialite, but now she is a recluse, the victim of harmful speculation and rumour. Her wealthy father wants only the best for his only daughter; a husband that can keep her in the style that she was brought up in. However, when Rachel and Richard meet, both know that something extraordinary has happened, and they are thrown into despair, because Richard is a lowly farm labourer who will have to prove that he is worthy enough to be her husband.

Richard knows that tradition decrees that if he serves his Queen and Empire, then Rachel's father cannot refuse his request for Rachel's hand in marriage, so he joins the New Zealand Mounted Rifles and embarks for the war in South Africa.

He quickly learns that war is not the adventure he imagined it to be. Thin and worn from over work he meets the stubborn and intractable Lady Sarah, and a virulent culture clash soon emerges. Then, he is ordered to escort and protect her, which leads to a frightening encounter with the malevolent mercenary, Eric von Smidt. Redeemed, he is soon wounded and captured by the enemy, where his morale plummets and he pines for Rachel and home. As he contemplates his current crisis, danger stalks Rachel, which leads to a dramatic finale that shocks them all.

Endorsements for Forgiven:

"5 stars. Lawson has created a very readable romantic fiction set in colonial NZ. His historical facts are for me his greatest strength: set in NZ around the time of the Anglo Boer War we get an insight into NZ society at the time. The characters are strongly portrayed and give a good insight into the struggles of the age, plus room for romance. Easy to read and delightful, I would recommend this book." Jen Doherty

"5 stars. Forgiven is a well developed and researched book. The author did a wonderful job of bringing that era back to life for the reader. The character development was excellent and as a reader I felt I knew both Rachel and Richard as well as their family and friends. Forgiven is an easy read because the story flows and intertwines so well that it is easy to get lost in the book and find that you have lost track of time. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction. It has appeal to both men and women and is a period piece of history that is rarely ever written about." Seraphim

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