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Our Authors

Alison Sutherland

I am Alison Sutherland, nee Hartley, the author of No Ordinary Goat. I studied education at Victoria University, Wellington. Training as a secondary school teacher, I taught at various schools in the Wellington to Wairarapa region, ranging from a private girls’ college to a residential school for young offenders.

Seeing a connection between youth offending and school behavioural issues, I gained a PhD in 2006 focusing on the school experience of young offenders. I now live on a small farm in Masterton which is where I found my interest in the Arapawa Goat.

Donald James Beswick

I am Donald Beswick, the author of Testing Germ Warfare Agents in New Zealand. In 1987-88 I was one of five staff members who contracted a painful incapacitating illness later known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Working with me at the time were two staff members from Medical Electronics; a charge orderly, a nurse manager, and a medical librarian.

Our research uncovered no evidence of a hospital acquired infection.This experience led me to my investigation of germ warfare experimentation, as has been documented in other countries.

Anne Moir

I am Anne Moir. the author of NAVIGATOR.
I grew up in rural Southland and came to live in Dunedin in 1970 to study music at Otago University. After working as a teacher, a sales representative and an employment officer, I trained as a nurse, and worked in the mental health sector for many years. I have maintained my interest in music, and play the celtic harp.

NAVIGATOR was inspired by my experience of growing up in the post-World War Two era, when many men, including my father and uncles, were ex-servicemen.

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