How To Set Up Your Book Store

If you would like sell your book on our website, get in contact and then follow the instructions below.

3 Simple Steps

Set up Your Paypal Account

Fill in Our Book Profile Form

Download the ecwid app to manage orders

3 Simple Steps

Set Up your Paypal Account

In order to take payment on line for your books, you need to setup a Paypal account so customers can pay securely online with their credit card. Within your Paypal account you will be able to withdraw funds directly to your bank account.

Create Your Author & Book Profile

You will first need to get in touch with us so we can provide you with the password for the form for you to fill in which then creates your online profile.

This is a very detailed form with everything we need to set you up, so there is a function to save your entry if you can’t do it all at once. You will need to know your book and shipping cost as well as a detailed bio about yourself and the book.

Once You submit the form, we will do all the technical work to make your book store live. Along the way you will be notified about a few different processes as they occur.


  1. We will let you know we have received your submission
  2. You will receive an email from Ecwid about your new account set up
  3. You will receive a test email from the contact form on your new bookstore page
  4. We will send you an email once your bookstore is live and ready to sell.

Manage your orders with Ecwid

Once you are all set up, you will have full control over the orders you receive through your bookstore.

Your store is powered by Ecwid, a powerful global ecommerce software which is free and user friendly.

We will set up the Ecwid store for you, and provide you with login details so you can take control for yourself.

Contat Us To Set Up Your Book Store

If you would like to know more about setting up your bookstore, please contact us.