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Alison Sutherland

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Alison Sutherland, nee Hartley, was born in Lower Hutt, New Zealand in 1950. She attended Naenae College and went on to study education at Victoria University, Wellington. Training as a secondary school teacher, Alison taught at various schools in the Wellington to Wairarapa region, ranging from a private girls’ college to a residential school for young offenders. Seeing a connection between youth offending and school behavioural issues, Alison gained a PhD in 2006 focusing on the school experience of young offenders. Alison and Alan now live on a small farm in Masterton.

Alison’s Books

No Ordinary Goat | by Alison Sutherland

Having stumbled on the story of New Zealand’s Arapawa goats and learning they were close to extinction, Alison Sutherland acquired a breeding pair. Her passion for the unique little goats motivated her to research their history. What she uncovered provides strong...
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Old Will | by Alison Sutherland

A picture book written for children, 'Old Will' is the true story of the origins of New Zealand's critically endangered Arapawa goat. It has a soft cover, 24 A4-size pages (10 of which are in colour). The book tells what happens when Captain Cook's goat meets a Maori...
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Where The Bad Sad Kids Go | by Alison Sutherland

A trained secondary school teacher, seeking a new challenge Alison Sutherland accepted the position of teaching principal at a New Zealand Youth Justice Residential School. This book provides an insight into the world of educating young offenders with challenging...
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